Whirlpool Ovens

Whirlpool Ovens are one of the finest ranges of kitchen appliance made by Whirlpool Home Appliances Company. They manufacture electrically enabled home appliances to suit the need of a modern kitchen. Their products are much economical in terms of warranty, energy savings and durability. It has got world recognition in the Kitchen Appliance ranges. Their products are highly rated and marked with 5 Stars by various rating agencies. When comes to microwave cooking they are pioneer to cater the needs of the domestic householders and for commercial users. They manufacture these microwave ovens and market all major countries in the brand name of Whirlpool.

Why to cook in a microwave oven may be a thought for many. But these are most efficient ways to cook by using the energy from a magnetron used in the oven, which use electricity to warm up by microwave. They are the radiation emitted by the presence of an Electro magnetron inside these ovens, which are not at all harmful. While cooking in oven it is faster ways to cook without losing the nutritional values than a conventional stove. It hardly requires 300 watts to 1100 watts of energy to cook and depending upon the litter’s capacity you buy. This save on cooking fuels by 40 percent. It is safer and delicious to eat when made in these ovens.

Whirlpool Micro Ovens comes with vast safety and easy to use by any one. Its power ranges from 400 W to 1100 W. It’s litter capacity starts from 13Lts, 18Ltr, 20Ltr, 22Ltr, 24Ltr, 25Ltr, 27Ltr, 30Ltr and 31   litter‘s. The prices according to Indian rupees range from 3000 to 100,000 in the Indian consumer market, Kindly check with the dealer for the actual prices. The colors of these ovens are available in White, Pure White, Sparkling Silver, Yellow, Black and Solid Black. These have electronic panels to decide on temperature levels and auto on/off purposes. These panels are in LED and LCD make, attached in the front of the micro ovens. These are available according to their usage and are classified in the Jet Chef, Family Chef, Gusto and the Magi Cook.

whirlpool oven

whirlpool oven




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